West Ashley church making repairs after 3rd flooding in 3 years

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A West Ashley church is working to recover after rising waters from Tropical Storm Irma flooded their building this week.

But it's something the people of Crosstowne Christian Church on Bees Ferry Road have seen before.

"We just watched the water rise inch by inch in just a matter of an hour and a half," said Lead Pastor Paul Rienzo.

After hurricane Irma passed, there were about nine inches of rain on the floor of the church. But the moisture spread much further than that.

So they are ripping out four feet of all the walls and tearing out all the flooring in the building.

The same thing happened in the church two years ago during the 1,000-year flood last year during Hurricane Matthew.

"We're getting really good at fixing this building," said Rienzo. "It's not exactly what we wanted to get good at, but we're really good at it."

Rienzo suspects that development in the area could be to blame for the recent flooding problem.

"There seems to be this correlations between the completion of the Bees Ferry Road project and the flooding," said Rienzo.

Rienzo said they will continue to hold services at West Ashley High School while the building is being repaired.

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