Future of West Ashley mapped out in new plan

Designs show layout for updated Citadel Mall area.
Designs show layout for updated Citadel Mall area.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Leaders of Plan West Ashley released its first public review draft plan of all the changes West Ashley could see in the upcoming years.

Leaders of the Plan West Ashley committee and developers with the project presented a 258-page plan mapping out the issues people West of the Ashley would like to see improved.

All the ideas were based on community feedback on what they would like to see West Ashley look like in the future.

The issues were combined into six categories; housing, transportation, economic development, green infrastructure and sustainability, community design and land use.

"For decades, development and growth has been happening in West Ashley. But there hasn't been an overall coordinated plan," said Victor Dover, a town planner hired by the city.

The committee came up with 147 recommended actions that they said could be implemented with the plan.

The actions range from plans to redevelop the Citadel Mall, create more crosswalks, expand pedestrian and cycle lanes, extend I-526, lower speed limits, and creating more green spaces.

"I'm a little concerned that the long-range plans may have a little bit of a problem being implemented," one long time West Ashley resident said.

Some of the plan would not be implemented until five or more years.

"The plan really is made for acting on it immediately and for continuing to use it literally for decades," said Dover.

Dennett Jenkins has lived in West Ashley all her life, and after looking at the future designs, she said she hopes these ideas come to fruition.

"West Ashley is where I grew up and what I know and where I want to remain. I really want to see it develop and grow, and I'm not sure we've gotten to that place yet," Jenkins said.

People living West of the Ashley are encouraged to give their feedback on the Plan West Ashley website.

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