Woman returns decades-overdue books during library's amnesty week

Source: Charleston Co. Public Library
Source: Charleston Co. Public Library

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - When the Charleston County Public Library presented borrowers the chance to return overdue library books without fines, one woman was happy for the opportunity.

That's because she had two overdue books that were both due to be returned more than 24 years ago.

Kim Van Buskirk returned two books, "The Adventure Guide to Costa Rica" and "The Birth Order Book - Why You Are The Way You Are," according to Otranto Road Regional Branch Manager Deborah Harris.

One of the books was originally due back to the library on March 6, 1993, while the other was due on March 24, 1993.

Van Buskirk does not live in Charleston County but was able to receive a Charleston County library card using her military identification.

The current daily rate for overdue books is 20 per day per item, to a maximum of $5, according to Charleston County Public Library spokesperson Natalie Hauff. But after an item is overdue beyond six weeks, the item is considered lost and the patron would be charged for its replacement, she said.

The amnesty event is being held through Sunday in honor of Library Card Sign-Up Month. The library will also waive the fee for replacement library cards during the forgiveness period as well.

Patrons who return current overdue items in their possession to any of the 16 branches during Amnesty Week will have the fines for those overdue items waived.

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