Group of concerned parents wants CCSD superintendent removed

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds of Charleston County School District parents are calling for the immediate removal of the district's superintendent.

On an online petition, reiterated at a press conference Wednesday, they group stated Supt. Dr. Gerrita Postlewait has done dozens of things they disagree with.

"She has created chaos in the district," Allison Mackey, a concerned parent, said.

Mackey, along with a few other parents, stood outside of the Charleston County School District Headquarters Wednesday.

"The deception, cover-ups, data manipulation and lies have demoralized our educators and hurt our children," Mackey said.

In an online petition – this group lays out 39 things they believe the superintendent has done wrong. Those include decreasing per pupil spending while increasing class size.

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on consultants while school-based dollars have decreased and class sizes increased," Mackey said.

The group is also upset about the movement of principals. But Kate Darby, the Chair of the Charleston County School Board of Trustees, speaking on behalf of the school district, said the superintendent has that authority.

"A principal is employed by the district not by the school," Darby said.

Another issue the group has is the change in the way teachers are evaluated. And district officials admit they could have handled that better.

"The superintendent stood up and said, 'I take that responsibility,' and I as a board chair will take that responsibility," Darby said. "We should have communicated the evaluation process better for teachers."

The district wants to assure teachers they are valued.

"Teachers don't need to be fearful for their job," Darby said. "They are our most valuable asset. And if we haven't communicated that to them and made them feel that way – then we need to work on that and we are working on that."

But despite that, the group is calling for Postlewait to be dismissed.

"We are partitioning chairwoman Kate Darby and the Charleston County School Board for the removal of the Superintendent," Mackey said. "If the board will not act, we are calling on State Superintendent Molly Spearman as well as our state and local legislators to help.

But Darby said the removal of Postlewait won't help. In fact, it would cause more disruption.

"I think it's always important to have parents engaged – I think that's critical," Darby said. "But this community has chewed up and spit out superintendents at an alarming rate and that does absolutely nothing to help our students and help student achievement.

Darby went on to say that we live in a "world-class community. We do not have a world-class school district." She added they are working to change that and some of those changes could be disruptive.

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