Maybank Highway improvements underway on Johns Island

Maybank Highway improvements underway on Johns Island

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Crews are working to widen Maybank Highway by continuing the lane from the Stono River Bridge to the existing right turn lane at the intersection of Maybank and River Road.

For the next two weeks you can expect a lane shift on the road in the area of Fenwick Hall.

The goal of the project is to relieve congestion. People who live in the area say there's traffic issues on Johns Island.

"It makes it hard to get around especially when you're on a time concern," said Jerome Simmons who travels on Maybank Highway.

Some residents say the roads don't support the influx of people in the area.

Johns Island resident Donald Hiott was on his way to talk with Mayor Tecklenburg, at a coffee chat, about his traffic concerns when Hiott got stuck in it and couldn't make it.

"It seems like everything is behind  the times infrastructure wise. We're catching up with the widening of the road, but we've already invited all the people," Hiott said. "The city has no problem issuing permits for multi-residential projects."

Charleston County will widen Maybank Highway so there will be two lanes for travel as drivers exit James Island heading into Johns Island.

Debbie Seabrook lives on Wadmalaw Island.

She says the traffic seems to get worse each year.

"I think that we need it widened particularly where they are working right now because it seems to be a big point of congestion," Seabroook says.

For the next two weeks there will be a lane shift from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The speed limit has decreased to 35 mph as crews work in the drainage ditches on Maybank Highway.

The goal of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety while making it biker and pedestrian friendly.

Some residents say they have drainage concerns, but the county says it's working to improve it.

"There's just not enough room for all the cars," Seabrook said.

Simmons says he is happy to see that they're doing something about the traffic.

"We're not scared of growth out here we just need to plan for it," Hiott said.

Charleston County officials say any lane closures associated with the project will take place at night.

They will announce any closures ahead of time.

The project was requested by the City of Charleston and is funded by the Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax.

Planning for the project started in 2007 and construction will be completed in three phases.

It's expected to be completed by Fall of next year.

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