Police arrest R.B. High School student accused of posing with gun at campus bathroom

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Deshaun Howard Tindal (source: Berkeley County Jail)
Deshaun Howard Tindal (source: Berkeley County Jail)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The R.B. Stall High School student who appeared to be posing in a picture with a handgun in the campus bathroom has been arrested.

Deshaun Howard Tindal was arrested by the Goose Creek Police Department.

School officials say the incident started Wednesday afternoon when administrators learned of a social media post that showed a picture of a student holding a gun.

The photo got a lot of attention on Facebook and from the police. Investigators determined it was taken in a bathroom at Stall High School, and the principal recognized the face in the photo as Tindal's.

Officers learned that Tindal lives at a mobile home park on Dunlap Street with his father.

Investigators say they a got hold of Tindal on the phone and told him they wanted to talk to him. According to police, Tindal told the officers the gun in the photo was a BB gun.

Officers then asked Tindal's dad if they could search his son's room. Following the search, police reported finding a gun cartridge with no bullets on the dresser.

Tindal then showed up at the trailer park and told the officers that the gun was not his and was not real.

Officers said they learned the teen was wanted by Goose Creek police on a separate gun charge and he was turned over to them.

On Thursday, police returned to Tindal's mobile home with guns drawn. A police spokesman said they had a warrant to search for the gun in the Facebook photo, but no one was home.

Gun charges are pending against Tindal in North Charleston.

According to the school district's code of conduct, Tindal is facing a possible expulsion.

Officials say the district does not have walk through metal detectors at all of their schools.

We asked folks if schools should have them.

"If something like that is going on, yeah, you want to protect people," Larry Washington said."You want to know as much as possible."

"What kid needs metal on him on school?" asked Lindsay Schleizer."Why does he need to bring it to school? There is no reason, there is no reason. A detector would eliminate that."

The Charleston County School District released the following statement regarding the incident:

"Late this afternoon, administrators at R.B. Stall High School learned of a social media post with an image of a student posing with what appears to be a gun in a bathroom campus.

The North Charleston Police Department was contacted immediately after staff learned of the post; an investigation into the situation is underway. It is not known at this point when the photo was taken.

This kind of behavior will not be tolerated by R.B. Stall High School or Charleston County School District. The student will face serious consequences."

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