Metal detectors were not used when Stall High student allegedly brought gun to school

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District says metal detectors were not in use the day a student allegedly brought a gun to Stall High School.

We spoke with a Stall High student who said she would like to see metal detectors used more often.

"So they can be protective of the school and not have weapons in the school," Stall High senior Jennifer Alvarado said.

We reached out to CCSD to find out why the metal detectors are not used on a regular basis.

The district issued a statement through spokesman Andy Pruitt.

CCSD takes school safety seriously. We utilize several techniques to both detect and deter contraband. That does include the use of metal detectors in certain applications throughout the district, including when searches are conducted based on specific reasonable suspicion or random weapons screenings.

R.B. Stall High School has one walk-through metal detector, and multiple hand-held metal detector wands.

Random searches, including the use of the metal detectors, happen throughout the school year.

Charleston County School board member Kevin Hollinshed said the incident at Stall may be a sign that metal detectors should be used more often.

"We can't afford to have one student's life in jeopardy, one student's precious to us. A student that makes a mistake like that, brings a weapon into a school, jeopardizes everybody, staff and students," Hollinshed said.

Hollinshed isn't sure if the detectors should be used every day.

"I think it's by a case by case situation. It depends on what's re-occurring within the school. If it's something that keeps re-occurring then I think it's something we need to examine," he said.

Hollinshed said he may put the issue of metal detectors on the agenda for the next meeting of the school board's Committee of the Whole.

North Charleston police are still searching for a gun that was in the Facebook photo. Police have served Tindal with a gun charge warrant.

He's being held in Berkeley County on a gun charge from Goose Creek.

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