Lane changes causing frustration for drivers in Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A heads up for drivers in Mount Pleasant – the center lane along Coleman Boulevard is no longer there.

This change involves a stretch of the boulevard approximately one mile in length between Mill Street and Fairmont Avenue to accommodate the first phase of construction is underway in the Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project.

The project involves installation of significant storm drainage infrastructure, enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities, a landscaped median, on-street parking, street lighting and an adaptive signal system.

Work will also include replacement and upgrades to existing water and sewer lines.

"I think drainage is probably the number one issue," David Leonard, a resident of Mount Pleasant, said. "I don't come on this side of town when it rains."

James Owens, another resident, said he thinks traffic is the biggest issue.

"Traffic here can be absolutely frustrating here at times," Owens said.

This improvement project is working to change that.

"It's nice to see we're doing something about the roads and drainage. It's encouraging," Owens added.

The catch? Traffic patterns are changing.

Right now for phase one – the right lane of Coleman Boulevard, if you were heading toward the Ravenel Bridge, is closed between Mill Street and Fairmont Avenue.

"I think it'll probably end up being a problem at first to get used to until people actually understand what's going on," Leonard added.

The biggest issue is going to be for anyone turning left in or out of a business. Especially during rush hour.

"The difficult part about turning left at a very popular turn is that it backs traffic up and complicates the traffic further down as well," Marjorie Avent, a resident of Mount Pleasant, said. "I can't imagine how this will do anything more than lead to further congestion in an already congested spot."

Town officials say drivers can expect to see varying levels of traffic control in this area over the next 24 months for the project.

"Hopefully this will be a step toward better drainage and traffic flow," Leonard added.

If you have questions regarding the construction traffic control plans or any other aspect of the project, contact Ed Barbee at or call 843-640-2422.

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