Recycling bins removed from some neighborhoods for not following recycling rules

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Recycling bins have been removed from some North Charleston neighborhoods because officials say residents are not following the rules.

The bins were removed last week from Spring Lake off of Rivers Avenue and the nearby Horizon Village complex.

Spring Lake homeowner Gretchen Wright recycles religiously. Wright's recycling bin was taken away.

Wright watched a worker wheel her bin away on her recycling day last week.

"I said why are you taking the bin and he said well, that's per the office instructions because there's too much contamination going on," Wright said Tuesday.

Officials say too many residents are putting items in the bins that are supposed to be put in a trash can.

"Everything from food waste to dirty diapers, materials that are just not accepted in our recycling program," recycling coordinator Christina Moskos

The county says they've tried to teach violators right from wrong when recycling.

Moskos said they've put tags on the bins that state what is and is not allowed in the bins.

She said that hasn't solved the problem.

Wright says she's called the county to try to get her recycling bin back.

"I don't want to throw my recycling in the trash and I just want to get my bin back," Wright said.

After we took Wright's complaint to the county, Moskos said they will give new recycling bins to her and other people in Spring Lake who want to recycle correctly.

Moskos says they are working with management at Horizon Village to try to restore the recycling program there.

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