Folly Beach residents planning to raise money to move Folly Boat back

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Residents on Folly Beach are planning to raise money to move the Folly Boat back to its original spot after it was moved by flood waters during Hurricane Irma.

Mayor Tim Goodwin said on Tuesday night the boat wouldn't be able to go back to its old location along Folly Road.

"Everybody wants to hear news about the boat but the truth is just to stick it back where you want to put it won't work for OCRM or DOT at this point in time," Goodwin said.

The mayor said a group would be banding together to try and get the boat to a new final location.

Goodwin said the group would also work on relocation logistics and fundraising.

"It's a miniature save the light save the boat' kind of process," Goodwin said.

The boat is currently at a dock off Sol Legare Road on James Island. That dock was damaged, but the boat stayed intact.

The dock owner says he would like to see the boat returned to its normal spot.

The boat was borne out of Hurricane Hugo which hit Charleston in 1989.

Since then, it has been painted and repainted with messages and designs meant to accomplish everything from sending well wishes to loved ones to making political and social statements.

Chris John said he was on Facebook Live when he noticed the boat slamming into his dock.

"I realized that we do need to save the boat and my buddy, Ryan, was here and so we tried to tie it up, make sure drift out into the ocean," he said.

John and his friend Ryan Godbout managed to tie the boat to the dock, but the damage was done.

John hopes to return it to where it was after Hurricane Hugo so that the tradition surrounding it can continue.

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