St. George couple returns lost cat to Miami couple

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - After a long two weeks, a family from Miami is finally reunited with their cat tonight. They lost him in Saint George while they were evacuating during Hurricane Irma.

One couple in Saint George knew the cat was lost and wanted to help.

To call Sue Card an animal lover would be an understatement.

"Any time you reunite any animal with its owner, I just think it's awesome," said Card, who lives in St. George.

That's something she and her husband Dennis try to do often.

They work with other people in their neighborhood to rescue and return lost animals to their owners.

"It's my passion," said Card. "It's just what I want to do. If I see a stray, I want it cared for."

And on Tuesday, the couple completed their most recent rescue.

"I just… I was amazed. I mean it was just… it's like he was just waiting for us," said Card. "Even though we didn't see him, I guess he knew we were there."

The cat's name is Martini.

He was traveling with his family as they were evacuating from Miami during Hurricane Irma.

They crossed through St. George on their way up to Tennessee.

And when they stopped at a gas station in St. George, he got away. But thankfully once the storm passed, he wasn't lost for long.

On Tuesday, Martini's family finished a 10 hour drive from Miami to finally see Martini again.

"It's been over two weeks and like two states away, so I just didn't think this would even be possible," said Ashley Ortega, Martini's owner who lives in Miami.

But it was thanks to Dennis and Sue refusing to give up hope.

Ashley expressed immense gratitude.

"Really thankful," said Ortega. "It feels like they've done God's work here. Like this is amazing."

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