Mt. Pleasant Mayoral candidates face off in forum

Mt. Pleasant Mayoral candidates face off in forum

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mt. Pleasant's two mayoral candidates went head-to-head Thursday night in a mayor political forum.

Town Council Member Will Haynie and Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page are the town's two candidates.

Mayor Linda Page has been the mayor of Mt. Pleasant since 2013.

Town Council Member Will Haynie has served as a town council man since November 2015.

Both candidates faced questions in front of a full house with many people wanting to know their plans for growth.

"Growth is going to happen, but we need to control it," Page said.

Page said if you want to slow growth, you must make it tough on people.

"Let's quit building roads, let's quit building schools, because at some point it will be so difficult that people won't come here. People choose to come to Mt. Pleasant because we have excellent schools, low crime and low taxes," said Page.

Haynie said he wants to push the brakes when it comes to development.

"We have traffic problems, we have drainage problems and the way to fix those is to slow down growth not to grow more," said Haynie.

Haynie said the town needs to take a new direction when it comes to development.

"We need to get away from the period of growth that we have been in and we need to transition into a sustainable period for this town," Haynie said.

Those in the crowd also wanted answers when it comes to drainage and flooding.

Page said she has a plan to try and keep that minimized.

"We're going to have to raise some fees. We're going to have to address it not only in the Old Village, but every part of town," Page said.

Haynie said slowing down the growth will also slow down the flooding.

"We have to learn the less from Houston," said Haynie. "We're storm prone like Houston, and the lesson there was that too much development, too much pavement gives you too much flooding and flood waters. We have to start with the symptom first."

The Charleston County Chapter of the South Carolina Coalition for Voter Participation and Friendship A.M.E. Church hosted the event.

The election will be on Nov. 7.

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