City to shift Spring and Cannon to accommodate two-way traffic

City to shift Spring and Cannon to accommodate two-way traffic

. - Crews will start to convert Spring and Cannon streets to accommodate two-way traffic Monday.

The plan to convert the streets to two-way has been in the making since 1998. It originated as a request from the citizens of the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood, with support from surrounding neighborhoods including Radcliffeborough and the West Side, according to a release from the city of Charleston.

The entire project is scheduled to take two weeks, with the conversion of Spring Street in week one, followed by the conversion of Cannon Street in week two. The streets will be changed in four segments, approximately two blocks per day, with at least one lane open at all times for through traffic and parking lanes closed as necessary.

As the work progresses down the street, safety cones will remain in place along the center line to further reinforce the new traffic pattern.

According to a news release, a few modifications to King Street will be required to allow for the new turning movements onto Cannon Street.

Vehicles approaching Meeting Street from the new eastbound lane on Spring Street will be required to turn right.

On both streets, the one-block section between the Septima P. Clark Expressway and President Street will remain as the existing one-way.

In addition to the conversion of the streets to two-way, the project also included streetscaping improvements such as new curbs, sidewalks, street lighting, trees, bike racks, trash cans, traffic signals and pedestrian crossing signals.

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