Student teacher at Stratford accused of sexually assaulting teen at school parking lot

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A student teacher at Stratford High School has been accused of sexually assaulting a student at the school's parking lot.

The Goose Creek Police Department has charged 23-year-old Kendrick Rashard Roach with sexual battery with a student 16 or 17 years of age.

Roach's arrest stems from an investigation that started on Sept. 25 of this year when a police officer responded to the assistant principal's office for a report of a criminal sexual conduct incident that took place in the school's parking lot.

The assistant principal said two students spoke to him about an incident that happened on Sept. 14 when they were approached by a PE student teacher identified as Roach.

The students said Roach approached them while they were sitting in the driver seat and the front passenger seat of the victim's car.

According to the students, Roach told one of the students to move to the rear passenger seat. A police report states Roach "scooted" the victim over as he entered the vehicle beside her.

The victim said Roach then proceeded to place his hands down her pants and inappropriately touched her. According to the victim, when she told Roach to stop, Roach removed his fingers and told her to perform a sexual act on him.

The victim said she told Roach "no" and told him to leave.

A police report states Roach then left the vehicle and both girls left the scene in the car.

School officials said that they checked the school surveillance and saw Roach entering the rear passenger area of the car.

According to school officials, the victim stated Roach had been sexually assaulting her while in gym class over the past several weeks.

The Berkeley County School District released a statement on the incident stating they were informed by police that a local university student teacher interning at Stratford has been charged in a matter involving a student.

A statement released on Monday by BCSD states school and district officials followed all procedures outlined by district policy, taking immediate action upon learning of the allegation.

"He is a student teacher from a local university who was placed at Stratford High School to complete student teaching," read a statement by the district.

The district also released the following information:

Please be assured that the safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. As such, we are continuing to fully cooperate with law enforcement as they move forward with their investigation. If anyone has any concerns regarding the safety and security of any student or employee, please do not hesitate to contact school and/or district officials. 

Victim's family members speak out

"It's a sick, sick thing," said a family member of one of the victims. "You do not expect kids to go to school and have to deal with that. Those are grown up issues and they are not there yet."

According to the family member, Roach was one month into his internship at Stratford when the the incident occurred.

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