Tides Folly Beach Hotel closure impacting nearby businesses

Tides Folly Beach Hotel closure impacting nearby businesses

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - The Tides Folly Beach Hotel is closed until Nov.15 because of Tropical Storm Irma.

Right now, 132 rooms sit vacant on the ocean front. In a Facebook post, hotel officials said they are installing new flooring.

Some businesses say they're feeling the impact of its closure.

"With the hotel being closed obviously that's going to take out a lot of our tourists that come on to the island, and don't want to travel all the way down to James Island or downtown to eat so we're definitely noticing an impact there," said Justin Houle, the general manager of Drop-In Deli and Bar on Folly.

Tides Hotel has been closed about three weeks since Tropical Storm Irma.

In a Facebook post, officials wrote that wind forced significant rain into the rooms saturating the carpet and damaging drywall.

They say they've been advised to remove all carpet and install new flooring.

"I know a couple they had a wedding planned in November and they had a lot of rooms reserved  at the tides for their guests at the wedding," said Diana Lauderdale who lives on Folly.

Now they'll have to find another place to stay.

"I just think that a lot of people know a lot of people that work there and they're obviously out of jobs at the moment," Lauderdale said. "It's definitely an icon on the beach you can say. It's been here a long time and yeah it sucks when something like that goes down because it affects the whole community."

Hotel officials say they apologize for any inconvenience and that they are doing everything they can to get back to normal after the storm.

Houle says this is the time of year their business starts drop off due to the season change so it's hard to pinpoint the impact.

"But with such a beautiful day outside like today we would have definitely expected to see a lot of more business," Houle said. "We're fingers crossed for a good off-season and even with the Tides being closed, Folly Beach is a great place to come and we love our locals here and we'll be just fine with business from them."

The Folly Beach town administrator says tourism slows down this time of year city-wide but they would imagine that their closure will have an impact on accommodation, sale and hospitality taxes for the city.

The city will not be able to quantify the impact for several more months.

The restaurant connected to the Tides Hotel, BLU Restaurant & Bar, and the oceanfront deck were not impacted by the storm and they will remain open.

Here's the full Facebook Post by Tides Folly Beach Hotel:

"Although Folly Beach and Tides Hotel fared well during Hurricane Irma, the driving winds forced significant rain into our guest rooms, saturating the carpet and damaging some drywall. We have been advised the best course is to remove all carpet and install new flooring.

As a result, we are unable to occupy rooms until new flooring is installed. Our hope is to have rooms open by November 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience and we are doing everything we can to get back to normal after the storm.

BLU Restaurant & Bar and our oceanfront deck were not impacted and will remain open Thursday – Sunday for great food, cold drinks and ocean views.

Irma may have dampened our carpet, but our spirits are high and getting prepared to welcome you back to Tides Folly Beach!"

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