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State Rep. Leon Stavrinakis to introduce legislation to ban "Bump Stocks" in South Carolina

Leon Stavrinakis (Photo Source: Live 5) Leon Stavrinakis (Photo Source: Live 5)

South Carolina State Representative Leon Stavrinakis announced Thursday that he will pre-file legislation in the State House of Representatives in December to ban "bump stocks" in South Carolina.

Bump stocks are gun conversion kits, used by the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, that turn semiautomatic weapons into weapons capable of firing in long bursts.

"Simply put, the use of bump stocks is a loophole that allows legal firearms to replicate illegal ones," Stavrinakis said. "As we have so unfortunately now learned, in the wrong hands bump stocks can be a tool for mass murder. These devices can turn our community into a killing field where neither civilians nor law enforcement has a chance in the line of fire. Banning bump stocks would not ban or seize a single firearm in this state nor would it deny one person their Second Amendment right to bear arms. I look forward to working on a bipartisan basis to approve this common-sense measure that will make South Carolina a safer place for our families."

Stavrinakis was an author and sponsor of the "Boland Bill" in 2013, which prevents those who have been adjudicated mentally ill from purchasing firearms. 

Stavrinakis introduced the bill after a mentally ill woman legally purchased a firearm and unsuccessfully attempted to open fire at a school in Charleston.

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