Police: Snapchat school shooting threat deemed not credible

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville police say the alleged "Snapchat" school shooting threat which has been shared on social media in the last 24 hours is not credible.

Police spokesman Lt. Nick Santanna said the incident appears to have stemmed from multiple unsubstantiated rumors.

The alleged threat was directed toward Summerville High School.

The Dorchester District 2 school district and principal were made aware and worked with police to investigate the threat, releasing the following statement:

"Late last night, the Summerville Police Department was notified of a disturbing social media post involving Summerville High School and an incident that could possibly occur next week. The police department, working with the school district, immediately began investigating and will continue to investigate the origin of the post as well as the credibility."

"The Summerville Police Department appreciates the numerous amounts of messages we received alerting us to this incident," Santanna said in a statement Friday afternoon.

While no charges have been made, many people want someone to be held accountable.

"I think they should be punished because it causes anxiety for everybody," said Shirley, who has two granddaughters who attended Summerville High.

The Snapchat image of the threat was shared all over social media. The screenshot included language that someone is going to "shoot up" the school and, "If you go to Summerville High School, a kid has warned others not to go to school on Monday- I do not suggest you go at all - the principal is warned but screenshot this and tell those at Summerville."

"I'm anxious because I still want them to come to school because I feel like they'll just change the day of the threat," Shirley said.

"[I'm] not really [nervous] because… it just doesn't seem like it could happen."

"As a parent, you get concerned when you hear about these things," added Michael Dominguez, a father to a SHS student. "This is a real thing and people are shooting up schools."

Dominguez is one of the hundreds of parents and students who tried to spread the word on social media about the threat after his daughter showed him the image.

"My daughter texted me did you see this?" he said. "I said don't send it to anybody, don't share it, I don't want you getting involved. I'll take care of it."

A statement from the district said they immediately started investigating the origin of the post as well as its credibility, going on to say they will take "every precaution to provide a safe learning environment".

"I'm not gonna give somebody the thought that if they keep threatening the schools, then all of the kids will stay at home," Shirley said. "That's not the answer."

In a statement Friday afternoon Raynor said police will continue to look into the motives of the false postings, and out of precaution, there will be added security on campus Monday.

Santanna said the department also investigated a threat toward Summerville High School in May of this year. That threat also turned out to be not credible.

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