Two arrested following Charleston stabbing

Two arrested following Charleston stabbing
Latasha Bussey (source: Charleston County Sheriff's Office)
Latasha Bussey (source: Charleston County Sheriff's Office)
Monterio Bussey (source: Charleston County Sheriff's Office)
Monterio Bussey (source: Charleston County Sheriff's Office)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two people have been arrested following a stabbing in Charleston Friday.

Officers responded to reports of the stabbing at the 2200 block of Garfield Street 2:10 a.m.

Upon arriving, officers made contact with two suspects, Monterio Bussey and Latasha Bussey, the victim and a witness.

According to reports the victim of the stabbing let in two guests at their home on the 2200 block of Garfield Street at 1:45 a.m. and the three of them went to the rear bedroom of the house. The victim is not listed as the homeowner in the incident report.

The homeowner, listed as the witness, didn't like the victim bringing people into their house and they confronted the victim about their guests.

The discussion was reportedly loud enough to gather the interest of Monterio and Latasha, who were also staying in the house. The two went to the bedroom where the guests were and demanded they leave. Latasha and the victim then got into a heated argument.

Monterio came to the aid of Latasha and got involved in an argument by threatening the victim with a crowbar. Monterio then held the victim down on the bed and Latasha stabbed the victim near his right shoulder blade.

The homeowner ran to the back bedroom and began yelling for everyone to stop. Once the homeowner realized he could not get the parties separated, he left the house and went to his sister's house across the street to tell her to call the police.

During the investigation, it was claimed the homeowner also had a knife during the argument.

When asked, the homeowner said due to the weakness in his hands, he carried the knife so that when he knocked on his sister's door, he could use the handle rather than his hands.

Further investigation showed Latasha had a superficial cut on her left forearm, which allegedly occurred after the altercation had finished and was self-inflicted. According to the incident report, the allegation appears to be correct due to the main crime scene taking place in the rear bedroom, and there being another area of blood which leads out of the bedroom used by Monterio.

The witness says Latasha was the primary aggressor after she heard the argument between the witness and the victim.

Both Latasha and Monterio were arrested and Latasha was taken to an area hospital for treatment for the cut on her forearm.

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