Producers searching for extras for upcoming film shoot in Charleston

Producers searching for extras for upcoming film shoot in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A movie production company shooting a film in Charleston is looking for extras.

The company, Fourth Wall Films, will begin filming in late October and continue until the first of December, according to the South Carolina Film Commission.

People of all ages, races and types are needed, but the company is also looking for actual EMTs and paramedics; nurses, mechanics, coroners, police officers and detectives, and CSI technicians and photographers, the site states.

According to a Facebook post from Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, producers are also searching for an amputee or someone who may have been burned, missing an eye or ear.

To apply, you must send two current photos, one full-length and one head-and-shoulders shot and must be recent within a few weeks of your submission and must accurately reflect your appearance. The photos may be taken with a cell phone, but you may not wear hats or sunglasses.

You should include with the photos your name (include child and parent's name is submitting for a minor), age, phone number, city and state, height, weight, clothing sizes, a description and location of tattoos.

You are also asked to provide a vehicle description, including the year, color, make and model of any vehicles you have access to, as some extras may be cast with their vehicle.

Subject lines of your submissions should be formatted to include your ethnicity, gender, age, city and state in the following format:

African-American female, 27, Charleston, SC

Those email submissions should be sent to

It's not clear which film the casting call is supporting, though there is speculation that the timing coincides with the planned shoot of a remake of the original Halloween that was announced in mid-September.

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