People who park illegally in loading zone could soon face a fine

(source: Live 5 News)
(source: Live 5 News)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - People who park illegally in loading zones in downtown Charleston could soon face a fine.

Charleston City Council on Tuesday night will consider an ordinance that would limit who can use a commercial loading zone.

City officials say they've received a lot of complaints that drivers are abusing the loading zones.

Josh Martin, senior adviser to Mayor John Tecklenburg, says many people who have P-tags on their personal vehicles are parking in loading zones all day.

There is a 30-minute time limit to unload, 5 a.m. till 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

State law doesn't require DMV to make people prove they need the P-tags for business purposes.

"So I think we just kind of reached the tipping point," Martin said.

If the ordinance passes, drivers who park in loading zones must have signage or a magnet on the vehicle that shows their business name.

Otherwise, they will be hit with a $45 fine.

That's fine with Roy Cole of Charleston who has a P-tag on his truck and occasionally uses it for business purposes.

"I know there's a need for accessible parking for the short term, city needs to enforce that," Cole said.

City council will decide when the ordinance will go into effect and whether there will be a grace period for violators.

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