Lowcountry doctors seeing high number of sore throat viruses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Lowcountry doctors say they are seeing an increased number of sore throat viruses.

"Only about a third of infections are strep, so the other two-thirds are viral and those run in a little bit of an epidemic fashion in the school system mostly," Dr. David Wright with Health First said.

Wright said that's what he's been seeing in the clinic.

"Oh yes, definitely," he said."The ones that aren't strep are all viral basically."

On Tuesday at a West Ashley urgent care, a nurse said they ran ten strep tests which she said was a lot.

Of those ten tests she said only two came positive for strep, meaning the majority of cases were viral.

Wright said at his Mount Pleasant clinic it's not just patients with sore throats coming in, he said even though it's warm outside they're already seeing people with the flu.

"The flu came a little bit early," Wright said. "It's early. The flu season runs all the way through April and May."

Wright said in his clinic they're also seeing a lot of people with Bronchitis, and most illnesses start to increase when school starts.

If you think you have strep throat, here's what Wright said you can check for:  "Strep is more likely to cause a fever, swollen glands in the neck, headache, absence of cold symptoms, just primarily sore throat and puss covering the tonsils."

If you have those symptoms, you're encouraged to go to the doctor to get an antibiotic.

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