Several thousand pills stolen in Summerville armed robbery

Several thousand pills stolen in Summerville armed robbery
(source: Summerville Police Department)
(source: Summerville Police Department)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Several thousand pills were stolen in an armed robbery in a Summerville Walgreen's.

Police responded to the Walgreens Thursday on 1120 North Main Street regarding an armed robbery.

When he arrived, the first responding officer spoke with a clerk.

The officer asked the clerk where the suspect went and the clerk said he walked across the parking lot towards Main Street.

After entering the store, the officer spoke with another clerk, who described the suspect. Officers then told the clerk to retrieve security video.

The officer then spoke to the pharmacist, who said she was in the pharmacy room when a man jumped over the counter.

The pharmacist said the man asked for Percocet and Diltonin. She said she thought the man was joking until she saw a small gun in the man's hand.

The pharmacist then said the man got behind her, grabbed her by the sleeve and said to take him to the safe. She said she then walked to the drug safe and opened it as the man held open a green Walgreen's bag and told her to fill it with an array of drugs.

According to the incident report. the man told the pharmacist to lay down and count to 100. By the time she was finished counting, the man was gone.

After talking to the clerk, officers received the security footage of the suspect jumping over the counter.

Police found two shoes, one in the Walgreen's parking lot and the other at the corner of the rear driveway and Berkeley Circle. Police say the shoes resemble the ones the suspect was wearing at the time of the armed robbery.

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