Lowcountry bars seeing backlash over showing NFL games

Lowcountry bars seeing backlash over showing NFL games

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some bars across South Carolina have canceled their NFL package because of protests saying they choose to stand for the flag and not kneel.

Some sports bars in the Lowcountry are choosing to keep the NFL Sunday Ticket, but also complaints.

"We're seeing a lot of backlash online," Charleston Sports Pub Owner Perry Freeman said.

"From people leaving nasty comments, we've had some people say we're unpatriotic, and we're not American. It gets to you a little bit," Freeman said about the comment's they've received for continuing to show the games. "It's just not our battle to fight, it's not whether we think it's right or wrong, it's just not what we're here to do."

Dig in the Park Manager Phillip Wright said they have seen a decrease in business on Sunday's, and that could be why some have canceled their NFL ticket.

"I think a lot of people are doing it because they're not getting a return on revenue from people visiting their bars because attendance is down a lot," Wright said.

For Freeman, he said if his business were to stop showing the games that would ultimately do damage to his employees, something he said would not let happen.

"My number one concern is always my staff that's the most important thing to me," Freeman said. "Hundreds of thousands they're losing, so for an owner to not show sports that's a little bit selfish to me and that's why we're showing it."

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