Johns Island couple set to deliver 2,000 pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Heidi Viera and her husband Jose Aponte are packing for a trip to Puerto Rico.

But you could hardly call it a vacation.

"Tomorrow at 6 a.m. in the morning we'll be getting ourselves into an airplane down to Puerto Rico," said Aponte.

The two will be delivering 2,000 pounds of food and other supplies to the victims of Hurricane Maria.

The couple is originally from Puerto Rico.

They moved in 2013, but still have many ties to their homeland.

"All of my family is there," said Viera. "All of the people that I really love with all my heart is in Puerto Rico right now."

That's what made Viera decide to create the movement Charleston for Puerto Rico.

Viera has been impressed by the community's response.

"The people are responding very well and I'm very proud of the community," said Viera.

But still, Viera hopes for more.

"It's not enough, that's why we need more, but this is the way we're going to deliver the donations," said Viera.

Aponte, however, is most impressed by the unity the community has shown.

"Whether you're Hispanic, whether you're American, whatever you want to call it, we end up being a family and we help each other. And that really touches your heart," said Aponte.

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