MUSC to transform former JCPenney site into outpatient medical facility

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A big change is coming to the Citadel Mall in West Ashley.

MUSC is leasing the former JCPenny's building and will transform it into an outpatient medical care facility within the next year and a half.

Charleston area resident, Vincent Bobo believes the outpatient medical care facility will be more accessible.

"I love it, I feel like we need more medical centers around the area and I feel like it's good to revitalize Citadel Mall," Bobo said.

MUSC officials say the lease was recently approved .

"First off, downtown floods all the time so for a normal person it's hard for them to get to the emergency room," Bobo said. "My mom is at MUSC right now at the moment. I have trouble. I don't know where I'm going to park right now."

MUSC officials say with the major growth they continue to see in the Charleston area this location will enable them to be responsive to the expectations of convenience and parking.

They also say improved technology will let them bring more services closer to the people they care for without them having to drive to downtown Charleston.

West Ashley resident, Nathan Suggs supports the plans too.

"I think it's great for the community," Suggs said."That area isn't as popular as it used to be, so I feel like if they're doing something positive with it then it's great for the whole community."

However some people say they wish something else could go in it's place while some think it could bring more people to the mall.

"It's really good to revitalize the mall because I walked through there a few weeks ago, all my favorite stores are gone," Bobo said. "I hope it adds a little business to the area too."

The Citadel Mall was sold and purchased in February of this year. Plans have been in the works to revitalize the site for years.

MUSC officials say this is a great location to expand their ambulatory services as the City of Charleston works to revitalize the West Ashley area.

When Mayor John Tecklenburg took office his plan included focusing on the improvement of  West Ashley.

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