Margonari returns to ice after neck injury

Dylan Margonari is lucky to be walking, much less playing professional hockey. The Stingrays forward broke his neck in a game late last January.

"Initially, it was just a lot of pain. I made impact..I knew something was wrong right away," says Margonari.

He was rushed to the hospital where they told him it was a broken neck but that he'd be able to walk and potentially play again.

"It was a tough three months initially when I was in a neck brace," says the Greensburg, Pennsylvania-native. "But as that progression started to come along and the doctors said 'OK, we can start training again, you can start getting on the bike, you can start lifting.' As I started progressing, I started to get that hunger and itch to get back on the ice."

Nobody has been more impressed with Margonari's drive to get back than his head coach.

"For a guy where he was and when he left and seeing him..he's gotten into great shape," says Stingrays head coach Ryan Warsofsky. "He looked really good in American league up in Hershey. Even with us, he's one of our best forwards right now. It's something else to see out there, that's for sure."