Results from DOJ review into NCPD will not be released by feds

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston will not be getting the results of a Justice Department review into the city's police department.

The Department of Justice said in an agreement with the North Charleston Police Department it would provide technical assistance to local law enforcement.

This comes after the Department of Justice notified North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers of "significant changes" being made to the program to provide "real-time technical assistance" to law enforcement agencies.

Civil rights leaders called for the federal government to step in and review the North Charleston Police Department after Walter Scott was shot and killed by former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager.

"After the Walter Scott shooting, we asked the feds to come in and look at our police practices", North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said. "We had asked them to come in and do a study. They came in and did the study but decided they were not going to issue us a report on what they found but still willing to work with us to find ways to improve our department to make sure we're giving the best service we can to our constituents."

Summey said no feedback will be given on the findings from the Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services known as the COPS Program.

Recently the new government administration decided to end the program of auditing police departments for racial bias.

For people who were pushing for the review, they said they're concerned they'll never know what the findings were.

"We paid for it, tax payers money bought it and we want it," North Charleston NAACP President Ed Bryant said. "That dignifies what happens to our citizens that dignifies what goes on in the community and defines the ultimate effect of what happened to Walter Scott in the first place."

Mayor Summey said the only thing the city can do now is move forward.

"We've asked them to release what they've already found but they've determined they don't need to do that," Summey said."I don't run the Justice Department so we've asked and have honored our agreement with them in every way we can as we will honor the new agreement with them as well."

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