SC receives extension for becoming REAL ID compliant

SC receives extension for becoming REAL ID compliant

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The United States Department of Homeland Security has granted South Carolina's request for an extension to become REAL ID compliant.

The extension means South Carolina driver's licenses and other identification cards will continue to be accepted to board domestic flights and enter secure federal buildings and military installations through Oct 10, 2018. It is anticipated this is the last extension request the state will have to submit.

"While this agency fully anticipated this extension and saw no barrier to receiving it, we're pleased that DHS did the right thing for the people of the state," South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) Executive Director Kevin Shwedo said. "South Carolinians can rest assured knowing their state-issued licenses and IDs are still accepted for federal activities that will eventually require a REAL ID."

Once South Carolina is certified compliant, residents will have until Sept. 30, 2020, to change their current license or another identification card to a REAL ID if you are interested in doing so. While residents will still be able to change to a REAL ID later, a REAL ID license or ID, valid US Passport, military ID, or other federally approved identification to board a domestic flight starting Oct. 1, 2020.

If you are interested in using your South Carolina driver's license or identification card to board a domestic flight, enter secure federal buildings or visit military installations, you should bring the following to the South Carolina DMV:

  • Proof of identity, such as a government-issued birth certificate or valid US Passport.
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Two Proofs of current physical South Carolina address
  • Proof of all legal name changes

The requirements for commercial driver's license and identification card holders or international customers are different. If you fall into one of these categories and want to change your card in the future, gather the above documents and keep them in a secure location until REAL IDs are available. Due to state and federal laws, these customers will not be able to order their REAL ID online in 2018.

If you received your first South Carolina license or ID during or after November 2010 or moved to the state after being licensed or holding an ID in another state and changed your out-of-state license or ID to a South Carolina card during or after November 2010, the required documents may already be on file with the agency. If you believe you fall into this category, you can check the status of your documents by completing the "REAL ID Document Check" at or call 803-896-5000.