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State report: South Carolina unemployment rate drops under 4 percent in September

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An employment report released by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce on Friday  showed promising new employment numbers for the state.

Unemployment dropped to its lowest point since February 2001 and now stands at 3.9 percent across the state, down from 4 percent in August according to the report. 

“South Carolina businesses are growing and providing opportunities for her residents," Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce said in a statement.  "While there are more people working today than any time in the state’s history and participating in the robust economy, there are still people who want to work but who may have a barrier to employment. The agency is working with these individuals, whether they are homeless, veterans, ex-offenders or others, to help them overcome those barriers to be productive citizens,”

The report said South Carolina's workforce increased by over 5,200 people in September with a growth of more than 26,500 jobs from September 2016.

Numbers unadjusted for seasons , South Carolina added more than 1,200 jobs in manufacturing and 400-plus jobs in construction in September. Annual gains since 2016 were up across the board, including 7,300 jobs added in trade, transportation and utilities. 

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