86-year-old South Carolina man in the hospital after being tased by police officer, SLED investigating


KINGSTREE, SC (WCSC) - SLED spokesperson Thom Berry confirmed Monday they are investigating after an 86-year old South Carolina man was tased by a police officer.

The man was tased on Oct. 16 in Kingstree, that's in Williamsburg County just an hour and a half north of Charleston.

Albert Chatfield was stopped by police and tased soon after.

The report provided from the family's attorney says Chatfield was acting disorderly, but his family says the officer had no reason to tase him.

Officer Stephen Sweikata received a phone call from Williamsburg dispatch that a white Ford Explorer was tailgating and not allowing the unknown complainant to turn.

Sweikata said in his report that he located the vehicle driven by Chatfield.

In the police report, Sweikata reports that Chatfield made several U-turns and ran a red light trying to avoid his patrol car.

"The subject lead the pursuit to the intersection of W Main St. and Brooke Ave., where Mr. Chatfield stopped and exited his vehicle," an incident report said.

After Chatfield stopped and got out, he was walking back toward traffic, police say. He was given several loud orders to get on the ground by a lieutenant and the responding officer, reports say.

Officers say Chatfield ignored all of the orders and took up a fighting stance against Sweikata and another officer. Chatfield then started jogging and walking backward in the lanes of traffic still ignoring officer's orders.

Sweikata says he used the taser because he was worried Chatfield would be hit by that traffic.

The Taser probes hit Chatfield in the upper center chest and the lower to mid left side, according to an incident report.

Charfield was taken by EMS to the Williamsburg Regional Hospital.

Chatfield is still in intensive care and the family says his condition is deteriorating.

An emergency room physician spoke to Chatfield's daughter, Mack, and she mentioned that her father acted out with her a few days prior to the incident and she believes he was not taking his prescribed medication, according to an incident report.

Chatfield's family says it could have been handled differently.

Jodi Mack, Chatfield's daughter, will never look at this intersection the same way.

"I can't understand. It's not justified," Mack said. "He was backing away with his hands up and then he was tasered."

"Right now the main concern is Mr. Chatfield," Cezar McKnight, the attorney for Chatfield's family said. "There was some carelessness on the part of the police department."

McKnight says they're considering taking legal action. But for now, filing a lawsuit isn't their top priority. They just want to see Chatfield recover.

"I'm praying. I'm not hoping, I'm praying he gets better," Mack said.

It was determined by the Williamsburg Regional Hospital that Chatfield accumulated blood and a front brain bleed and needed to be airlifted by helicopter to another hospital.

Because of the medical circumstances charges are not going to be filed against Chatfield at this time, according to an incident report.

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