Unemployment benefit issues climb for laid off workers in South Carolina

Unemployment benefit issues climb for laid off workers in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A few dozen people who have been laid off are expressing their issues with South Carolina's unemployment benefits.

Nearly 2400 laid-off V.C. Summer employees filed for unemployment and the state says all but 100 of them got their checks because those 100 didn't qualify for the help.

"The people that work there stuck together so much," Harriett Davis, a former V.C. Summer Employee, said.

Davis speaks for herself, and several former co-workers of hers, when she complains of what's going on with certain unemployment claims in South Carolina.

"And it gets frustrating, very," Davis said.

Davis, once a construction worker, is upset she's been told she cannot receive any unemployment from the first few weeks after V.C. Summer's closure. She was told she doesn't qualify.

"It's been crazy. From August the first, to September the thirteenth, I got no checks," Davis said.

The Department of Employment and Workforce or DEW says there are a variety of reasons someone who's applied for unemployment benefits may not qualify, but that there's not an issue specific to V.C. Summer ex-workers.

"I finally received a few weeks, but not what they owe me," Davis said.

Beyond that, Davis says a mix-up between her bank and the DEWW has kept her from receiving about $650 she needs as she continues her job search. On her end, it was a user error she made that started the problem. But weeks later, still no resolve.

"Everybody's got their hand out, but you don't have to give because yours is being held up," Davis said.

She says she's spent days waiting once the DEW's system was down. They do have a newer system they're using, but a spokesperson says it's working smoothly. That's why Davis complained to us—hoping for answers, soon. Davis says time is something she does not have, so she leaves this message for anyone at DEW who can help.

"To do their very best to resolve all issues not just that I have but that others have, also, because there are a lot of others out there that are having issues," Davis said.

The department's spokesperson says there is a small number of reported problems they are working through, and encourages anyone who feels something is wrong or needs help to make that known by calling (866) 831-1724.

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