New lawsuit filed against Ivo Colucci's business holdings

New lawsuit filed against Ivo Colucci's business holdings

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the estate of Ivo Colucci's wife, Doris, targeting his daughter and businesses. It's the second lawsuit involving the 81-year-old Colucci since he was arrested in April for allegedly shooting his 74-year-old wife inside his jewelry store.

The store at 7565 Rivers Ave. and his real estate holding company, Terrivo Enterprises, are both named in the lawsuit.

It claims both businesses were aware that Colucci possessed firearms and "regularly" carried a concealed weapon into Colucci's Jewelry Factory. It also alleges the businesses permitted Colucci on the premises even though the businesses were aware of his "violent tendencies."

Doris Colucci's estate did not give a monetary amount it sought for the damages. The lawsuit said it would allow the court to determine the amount.

Court documents state Ivo Colucci was charged with murder after video surveillance showed him  entering his store and getting into a fight with his wife. He proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot her in the head according to police.

The affidavit said Colucci tried to hide his gun and put the shell casing in his pocket.

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