Residents in Moncks Corner apartment complex frustrated after having no water for 24 hours

Sonya Oliver shows how there is no water coming out of her faucet (Source: Live 5)
Sonya Oliver shows how there is no water coming out of her faucet (Source: Live 5)

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Residents of a Moncks Corner apartment complex are frustrated after they lived in their homes without water for the last 24 hours.

Just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, residents said they had the water turned back on.

Sonya Oliver has lived at the Village Apartments on Gulledge Street off Highway 52 for three years.

Tuesday just before 9 a.m. Oliver became aware of the lack of water in her apartment.

"My husband came home from work and said what happened to the water," she said. "Water? I ain't even know the water was off."

Oliver said this is the first time she's experienced a water outage like this and claims it's because the property management company didn't pay the water bill.

"I called [Moncks Corner Water Works] yesterday to find out what was going on and they told me it was a billing problem," Oliver said. "Then when I called again today, I talked to the lady and she told me someone from corporate had called, they discussed it, but it's still a money issue."

Oliver and other residents said they were never notified by the apartment complex about the water being turned off.

That was until WCSC left the property and a maintenance manager handed out fliers dated October 25 stating:

"Dear Residents, Please be advised that we have had an unexpected issue and a disruption of water services. We are working diligently to resolve the issue. Water should be restored today. Thank you in advance for your patience. – Management"

"I can't stay here," Oliver said. "That's just unacceptable [to have no water]… You pay rent [which includes water] and you expect to get what you pay for."

"We had to go buy water jugs," said John Johnson, who has a six-month-old child. "His Nana gave us some water. So we went to her house and filled up like 10 jugs, but that's unnecessary because we pay rent here."

Johnson said not having water from the faucet created some setbacks for them.

"[We needed the water for] formula, making bottles, anything," he said. "Making baths, cooking food."

"I have two small children," said Amy Melton. "I had to go to a friend's house to bath them."

The maintenance man who worked at the complex had "no comment" regarding the situation residents are in.

Messages to Bedrock Property Management Company, which oversees Village Apartments, were not immediately returned.

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