Sullivan's Island family keeps tradition of elaborate Halloween decoration

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Driving down Middle Street on Sullivan's Island, it's pretty hard not to notice Vince Musi and Callie Shell's house.

"This is a big holiday for us," Musi said.

"We're bigger Halloween buffs than Thanksgiving or Christmas," Shell said.

Musi, Shell and their 16-year-old son put together the elaborate Halloween display that sits in the front yard of their home on Middle St. on Sullivan's Island. The family has been decorating like this for more than 10 years.

"We bought this house and it's off the beaten path for where the kids go trick-or-treating, so no one came for candy here," Musi said. "We wanted to change that."

Not only did their displays attract trick-or-treaters, but it also drew in community members.

"People come back each year," Shell said. "So we started it, and then people would say, 'Oh, I came last year, so we wanted to see what you did this year.'"

The family gets dozens of visitors a day—people walking by on the sidewalk, driving by in cars, all stopping to take a look at what they decided to do this year.

Most of those visitors are from the Charleston area, but some traveled much further.

"Last night I was talking to a family from Tennessee, and they just told me, they said, 'Oh, we've been coming here for almost 10 years,'" Shell said.

The family now has a reputation in the community, which their neighbors won't let them forget anytime soon.

"We have strangers come up to us in the grocery store and ask us what we're going to do this year," Musi said. "And then we have a lot of folks who come by, we have a boy who comes by every day now."

But Musi and his family don't mind the expectations people have. They're just happy to be surrounded by people who appreciate something they're passionate about.

"We always want to be part of a community, not just live in one, and that's always sort of been our thing our whole lives," Musi said. "And this is certainly a great one to be part of."

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