How trick-or-treaters, pets can stay safe on Halloween

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Halloween night is meant to be fun for all ages, but a few extra precautions can help make sure everyone stays safe.

Drivers should be more alert, especially in residential areas. Make sure to watch out for small trick-or-treaters who may wander out into the street and observe posted speed limits. They should make sure to use headlights when necessary and take extra time pulling in and out of the driveways.

Pedestrians should watch for cars pulling out of driveways as well and use crosswalks when possible. Try to put down phones and cameras when walking as well. It's also a good idea to only eat pre-wrapped candy that hasn't been opened yet. Another suggested rule is to only approach homes which have lights on either inside or on the front porch area.

The ASPCA also issued some tips for pets. Owners should hide the candy, keep decorations out of reach and be mindful of costumes. If possible, try to keep pets calm and make sure they are properly identified.

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