Lowcountry father places Craigslist ad for human skull to further daughter's collection

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - People see a lot of crazy things on the internet, but a Craiglist ad looking for a human skull isn't something you see every day.

"I wrote it purposefully to make it sound a little cryptic and strange," Lou Cattano said.

Cattano posted the ad not for himself, but for his 8-year-old daughter Jhazmyne.

"She spent so much time at the University of South Carolina with my wife in the anthropology department," Cattano said about his daughter. "She just kind of got exposed to seeing bones and such things at an early age and just took an interest to it."

That was when Jhazmyne was 3, the same year she started her own bone collection.

"My mommy worked at a college and she worked in the anthropology department and there was this creepy bathroom with bones in it because other anthropologists were studying it," the young nature enthusiast said. "I saw the bones and it really made me interested."

She now has over 200 bones, ranging from a fossil whale vertebrae to several bear skulls.

She said she studies each bone and learns from all of them.

"I look at them, and they can teach you a lot because they can teach you how old they are, if they're a boy or girl sometimes and they can tell you if they're herbivore, carnivore, predator or prey nocturnal or diurnal," Jhazmyne said.

She isn't the only one that benefits from her collection.

"If I ever have duplicates of a bone I bring it my school so other kids can learn about it," the young girl said.

She also said she helped label her school's collection of fossils.

"It can really help her learn and grow," her dad said. "And help her with her future."

When Jhazmyne was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she already has an idea.

"I want to be either an animal rescuer or an archaeologist," she replied.

Now she is looking to add to her collection with a human skull.

"They can be really interesting," she described.

Jhazmyne is still looking for a human skull to add to her collection she can learn and study from it.

If you know of anyone in the medical field looking to get rid of one you can email Loucattano@gmail.com.

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