Man once considered suspect in Drexel disappearance in jail for unrelated case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man who once was considered a suspect in the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel was ordered back behind bars for violating the jail release rules in a non related case.

Timothy Deshaun Taylor was out on bond awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty for his role in a robbery at a fast food restaurant six years ago.

The judge said Taylor did not have permission to leave his house to go work on a car in Dorchester County.

His lawyers admitted he messed up.

Taylor's lawyers claim the feds charged Taylor with the robbery to put the squeeze on him to get information about the 2007 disappearance of Brittanee Drexel.

A jailhouse informant told investigators that Taylor and his father had a role in the girl's disappearance and murder.

Taylor's lawyers say he was in class in high school at the time and that he knows nothing about the Drexel case.

Taylor has already served privation on the state level for the armed robbery.

His lawyers are trying to get the federal conviction thrown out, claiming he can't be charged twice for the same crime.

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