Mt. Pleasant residents to vote for mayor Tuesday after heated race

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant residents will head to the polls Tuesday to decide between two mayoral candidates.

Town Council member Will Haynie is challenging incumbent Linda Paige for the spot. One sticking point in the race has been the type of government the town should have,

"We heard very vocally from 8,400 residents that they want to vote on their form of government," Page told Live 5 News in October. "I think it's time to start an earnest community about our right to vote."

A local group is seeking to move from an "at-large" election of eight Town Council members to  an election of 8 council members, each residing in and representing a distinct area of the town.

"It may be big with her and big with the small group that pushed the petition, but when you're out there talking with the voters like I have been for a year, that's not even in their top five right now," Haynie said. "I think taking away seven of eight votes for council is not the way to go."

The two candidates held a forum in late September when they also expressed more of their views. The candidates agree on the growth of Mount Pleasant and the need to slow it down.

"Let's quit building roads, let's quit building schools, because at some point it will be so difficult that people won't come here," Page said during the forum. "People choose to come to Mt. Pleasant because we have excellent schools, low crime and low taxes."

"We need to get away from the period of growth that we have been in," Haynie added. "We need to transition into a sustainable period for this town."

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