Mt. Pleasant teen pleads guilty to manslaughter in love triangle case

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Mount Pleasant teen pleaded guilty in the fatal stabbing of another teen in front of his then girlfriend's home, prosecutors say.

Matthew Fischer was 16 years old when he exchanged threatening text messages with 17-year-old Cavanaugh and told him  "Come over" and "I'll kill you man," according to the affidavit.

He told investigators he attempted to punch Cavanaugh but missed, and the two began fighting in the yard of the girlfriend's home.  Fischer then retrieved the knife from his pocket, closed his eyes and stabbed Cavanaugh, the report states. Investigators say Fischer initially claimed he had stabbed Cavanaugh only once, but later admitted to stabbing him twice.

The Charleston County Coroner's Office said Cavanaugh died on-scene from a stab wound. Police say Fischer confessed to the stabbing on video, and provided a written confession.

Fischer said on the night of the stabbing, he had been at his girlfriend's home talking with her when he noticed a knife on her dresser and asked her about it.  He placed the knife in his pocket after his girlfriend said he could have it.

Fischer told police that a short time later, he received a text message from Cavanaugh leading the two to exchange words. The supplemental reports state Fischer admitted texting Cavanaugh, "Could you stay out of our relationship and shut the [expletive] up." Fischer claimed Cavanaugh responded, "You won't say that to my face,"

Original reports said the messages were exchanged via Snapchat until the girlfriend admitted to police four days later that they came over iMessage.

Fischer attempted to claim self-defense in March.  A sentencing is expected later this month.

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