City of Charleston candidates prepare for possible run-off elections

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tuesday night showed quite a shakeup in several races across the Lowcountry, especially in the City of Charleston.

Based on preliminary results, none of the incumbent council members came out on top as votes came in.

Joe Debney, director of the Charleston County Board of Elections, said votes for the City of Charleston will be certified Thursday.

On Nov. 21, voters will head back to the polls for run-off elections, which will likely include two districts in the city.

District 6, which covers parts of downtown Charleston and James Island, could see Amy Brennan face off once again against incumbent William Dudley Gregorie.

"It's amazing when you're in campaign mode and you keep saying every vote matters, and it's clear that every vote matters." Brennan said Wednesday.

Preliminary results show Brennan came in with one more vote (411) over Gregorie (410). However, a handful of write-in votes is keeping her from getting the 50% plus one to take the seat.

"It's a clear example that your voice matters, your vote matters," Brennan said. "It's thrilling to be part of that."

Brennan said she will start preparing for a possible run-off based on the certification Thursday.

Gregorie wasn't available for an on-camera interview, but did provide a statement reading in part, "We plan to hit the ground running until the end of the election. We intend to win because of the number of people who turned out."

Gregorie added he wasn't surprised by how close the vote was. He felt he was running against outside influences including various social media groups, and not the actual candidate.

As for a run off in District 10, this seems extremely likely.

Summer Massey would face off against Harry Griffin for the city council seat which oversees the Shadowmoss neighborhood and parts of Highway 61.

Massey took in 440 votes, and Griffin 402, over incumbent Dean Riegel with 174.

"[Voters] said,'Hey, we're ready for a change,'" Massey said. "We're ready for new blood to get in there, and we're ready to see a difference."

"I think Summer and I both represent a new look on District 10, but we vary in different areas," Griffin said. "I think over the next couple of weeks we're going to have a chance to get out and really interact with the voters."

Massey said the work continues heading into the possible run-off election; focused on getting those votes from people who didn't turn out Tuesday, and urging voters to show their support again.

"We need you now more than ever," she said. "Looking at numbers, it's very rare that voters come out twice. I want to say that with the last run-off I think 19% of the total number of voters initially turned out."

Griffin is also focused on reaching out to the community, possibility getting a public forum/debate in within the two weeks.

"Apathy is the biggest challenge in this case," he said. "We have to convince people to come out and vote again... This is an important race for the people of West Ashley."

Meanwhile preliminary results show Kevin Shealy could become the new District 2 council member.

Shealy posted a statement to his Facebook page reading in part, "I am so humbled and honored to have earned your trust and support. I will put you first and be a strong voice for our community."

In District 12 Carol Jackson will likely take the seat for areas of James Island.

She said, "I'm thrilled for the voters of James Island who turned out in unpredicted numbers... It really was about the citizens. I feel privileged… It's time to make some positive change."

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