College of Charleston taking steps to becoming more inclusive, welcoming

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell says he is embracing recommendations by students to make the school a more inclusive and welcoming.

In a letter sent to students on Thursday, McConnell said he met with several students to discuss the campus climate and how they can build a better and more unified school.

McConnell was also made aware of three recommendations produced by a group of students to improve the college.

The first addresses its Student Code of Conduct, specifically bullying.

"The Division of Student Affairs has been soliciting input all semester long from the Student Government Association and the Honor Board and will seek broad-based input from more students through focus groups in the spring," McConnell said.

According to McConnell, the school will have a revised Code of Conduct implemented for the start of Fall 2018.

The second recommendation is for the creation of a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) which school officials say is something that several universities have in place.

"Most BIRTs around the country assist universities in a coordinated response to bias-related incidents and situations that may impact campus climate," McConnell said.

The final recommendation consists for a diversity and cultural sensitivity training module to be mandatory for all undergraduate students.

School officials say all incoming freshmen would be required to take the training module beginning Fall 2018.

"Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is something in which we all play a part," McConnell said."We are all in this together, and I'll continue to work with student leaders, faculty, and staff to improve our university."

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