Former CCSD board member calls for resignation of superintendent

Gerrita Postlewait (Source: CCSD)
Gerrita Postlewait (Source: CCSD)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A former Charleston County School Board member has filed a complaint with the State Board of Education over the current superintendent.

In a complaint to the state board of education, Elizabeth Moffly says CCSD Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait broke laws and regulations while leading the district.

"I've been watching the district and the actions of the superintendent and the protest," Moffly said."I've even attended a couple of protests that happened at the end of the year. The decisions that have been made for our schools and communities that have really upset the community, I felt it needed to be addressed."

Moffly said in the complaint she is calling for Postlewait's resignation.

"We've terminated teachers, individuals for a single charge of misrepresentation and she's done it consistently during her tenure," Moffly said. "I don't think she's qualified to be the superintendent of Charleston county so I've asked for them to revoke her certification is what I've asked."

Moffly served on the school board from 2010 to 2014 and her complaint outlines a few things she said are being violated by the superintendent.

Moffly said in her complaint that Postlewait never took an oath of office, failed to create a strategic plan, rehired a CFO within the same month of his retirement, and that it was not ethical for a county council member to act as principal while in office.

The State Board of Education said they had received Moffly's letter.

Charleston County School Board Chair Kate Darby told Live 5 the district is aware of the complaint, and that district's attorneys will look into them when they officially receive them.

Darby also said they would respond after that.

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