New workspace opens job possibilities for College of Charleston students

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The College of Charleston's Computer Science department is working on a new way to get students jobs after they graduate.

The college recently opened a new workspace for students in the Computer Science Department called the Innovation Center.

The center only opened about a week ago, but already students who use the space regularly say they've seen an increasing number of people enjoying the study space.

"People come in here to play games, they come in here to study and work on things together and mess around with the technologies," College of Charleston Senior Rachel Steele said.

The center has a 3D printer, a programmable robotic arm, and even a virtual reality studio.

"This is a space that will bring together some of the biggest companies in the Lowcountry with the biggest computer science department in the Lowcountry," said Chair of the College of Charleston Computer Science department Sebastian Van Delden.

The college has partnered with Mercedez Benz, Boeing and three other companies in the Lowcountry. Those companies will have representatives regularly working out of the Innovation Center.

"We're fortunate to be here in Charleston in that there's so many companies willing to partner with us that have made this process a lot easier than it usually is at a lot of other universities," Van Delden said.

The companies will partner with students on projects they work on during the school year.

Van Delden hopes that by collaborating with professionals, students will increase opportunities for professional development.

"It's essentially a lot of times an extended vetting process, an extended interview process which really helps the onboarding process once the students graduate," Van Delden said.

The center also offers College of Charleston students the opportunity to develop personal skills that Van Delden believes will help them excel in the professional world.

"Having this space where students can come together, socialize more, perfect their interpersonal communication skills really helps them on the job market as well," Van Delden said.

The companies are scheduled to move in to the space next semester.

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