SCE&G issues tips to help customers avoid scams

SCE&G issues tips to help customers avoid scams

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - SCG&E announced some tips to help the public avoid utility scams in observance of Utility Scam Awareness Day.

The company serves roughly 718,000 customers in 24 counties in South Carolina and announced the following tips to help avoid scams.

  • style="margin-top:6.0pt;background:white;">Scammers often target small businesses, such as restaurants, in hopes of creating an increased sense of urgency.
  • style="margin-top:6.0pt;background:white;">Scammers may suggest a specific store from which the customer can purchase a prepaid card. Scammers like prepaid debit cards because they can obtain the money on the card without showing a photo ID.
  • style="margin-top:6.0pt;background:white;">Scammers use caller ID "spoofing," which causes the customer's phone to display a false caller ID. Often, the scammer will "spoof" a local number, perhaps even using the utility's standard customer service number.
  • style="margin-top:6.0pt;background:white;">Scammers may threaten to turn a customer’s service off if the customer doesn’t make a payment immediately.

While it can be hard to avoid one, it's also possible to outsmart one as well. 

  • Hang up the phone if you receive a call demanding immediate payment of a bill to avoid disconnection.
  • Do not reply to text messages or click on links from individuals you don’t know.
  • Be cautious of anyone who comes to your home or business without an appointment demanding payment, do not let unknown individuals into your home and remember that secure websites begin with https:// - the “s” is for secure.
  • Do not click on links, open attachments or respond to suspicious emails.

SCE&G suggests customers call customer service at 1-800-251-7234 if they doubt the legitimacy of anyone who comes to their home or business.

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