Collectables group helps send Walterboro man with Down Syndrome to Clemson game

Clemson, SC (WCSC) - For Jerry Davis, it all started with a trip to a Walterboro restaurant.

Davis, a former Clemson football player and a Walterboro native, stops at a local restaurant and he meets Ryan Shuman. Shuman is a 25-year-old who has Down Syndrome but, more importantly, is a huge Clemson fan.

After becoming friends, Davis eventually gets a poster signed by Dabo Swinney and sends it to Ryan. That's when a picture is taken of him with that poster and it's posted in a local sports memorabilia Facebook page.

"I wanted to put up the thing with the Dabo poster." Davis said. "One person wanted to send him a card. I put up a thank you post after he got the card and it just went crazy from there."

After that, members of the group start sending all sorts of Clemson collectables to Shuman in the mail. Trading cards, helmets, decals all shipped to Shuman. But group members don't stop there. Justin Bryant and others start raising money to help Shuman live out one of his dreams.

"Yeah they raised a whole lot in less than 24 hours." Bryant said. "It was crazy."

Enough money to send him to Death Valley for this past weekend's Clemson football game against Florida State. Needless to say on the big day Ryan is in his element.

It wasn't his first trip to Memorial Stadium. Shuman said he'd been once before but sat far away from the action. This time the huge Tigers fan, who says his favorite Clemson player ever is Deshaun Watson, gets up close and personal.

The group was even able to secure Shuman and his sister field passes to watch pregame warmups from the sidelines.

Shuman got to stroll where Watson once roamed. A perfect moment provided by perfect strangers.

For his sister, Krissy Bridge who helps take care of Ryan, it meant the world.

"My faith in humanity's been restored. This whole experience has been incredible."

And who could deserve it more.

"Ryan's the type of person that will touch your heart the minute you meet him, makes you smile when you're having a bad day." Bridge said. "Now people are making him smile so it's kind of gone full circle."