Church Creek basin drainage study results presented in community meeting

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - People who live in Church Creek Drainage Basin in West Ashley are looking for answers to their flooding problems.

An engineering firm is presented the Church Creek Drainage Basin study results at West Ashley High School on Thursday.

The improvements presented have a price tag of more than $44 million. A buy out of flood-prone properties could cost up to $70 million.

Alton Wiggins lives in Shadowmoss and he knows how bad thing can get.

"I have friends down in Hickory Farms and they were flooded out twice and could not get out of their house for five to six days," Wiggins said.

He felt the impact personally too.

"The 1,000-year flood that we had of course flooded this whole area," Wiggins said."We had seven inches in our garage."

Some of the people who live in the area believe development and Bees Ferry Road are part of the flooding problems because the road sits higher than some of the houses nearby causing water to run down.

The engineering firm hired by the City of Charleston presented its findings on solutions to the flooding that includes installing storm water pump stations and creating tidal surge protections in addition to the possibility of buying out 350 flood-prone properties.

"You got homes right behind me now, they're not coming back to them," Wiggins said. "It's a shame."

If there aren't solutions soon, Wiggins might not be coming back to his home.

He attended the City Council meeting on Monday where the drainage study results were presented and he's hopeful there will be a fix.

"I was born and raised in this area and its sad that we'll have to go to another area of Charleston," Wiggins said.

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