Firefighters encourage safety for people frying turkey for Thanksgiving

Firefighters encourage safety for people frying turkey for Thanksgiving

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Fire Department is urging people to take steps to stay safe when frying turkeys for Thanksgiving this year.

"It's kind of a southern tradition," North Charleston Fire Department's Laura Kelley said. "It is one of the most dangerous things you can do on Thanksgiving."

Kelly said fire departments across the country try to warn people about the dangers of frying a turkey.

"The NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association, actually does not suggest frying turkeys," Kelley said.

But Kelley and the rest of the NCFD understand that frying turkeys is essentially inevitable in the Lowcountry. Instead of prevention, the department is emphasizing education.

"One of the things we always ask people to do is to fry their turkeys outside of the main structure of your house," Kelley said. "We never want to fry your turkey close to the structure or in the structure."

Kelly also said it's important to make sure the oil doesn't overflow. She suggests using turkeys that are about eight to ten pounds.

Using a dry turkey is also critical to maintaining safety.

"Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and has no water on the outside, so go ahead and blot your turkey of all the water," Kelly said.

On top of all of that, Kelly also said it's important to have a Fire Extinguisher ready to use in case an accident does occur.

"It's a lot of steps but it's steps that are important because we don't want you to get hurt or anyone around you or set your house on fire," Kelley said.

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