TAKE A STAND: Thanksgiving

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As we celebrate this holiday season, there are some things we may not know about Thanksgiving.

That is, if we believe everything we read on the Internet, because everything on the Internet is true, right?

I see where the first Thanksgiving meal was likely prepared by only four women because all the other women who came over on the Mayflower did not survive that first year. The Internet doesn't say what the lazy men were doing. They weren't called Pilgrims, but "old comers."

And the day was not called Thanksgiving. It was a three-day feast to celebrate a successful harvest. It was more than 240 years later when President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

There was probably no turkey. Maybe swan, cranes or quail. No pumpkin pie. They had no butter, flour and very little sugar. There was alcohol. Back then, the English felt beer was safer to drink than water. Even for children.

And they probably didn't sit close to each other at that first meal because they believed bathing spread disease. And the Native Americans probably weren't invited. They likely came to see what all the noise and fuss was about.

So, whether you believe any of this or not, as we sit down to enjoy the holiday meal, hopefully with family or friends, let's indeed be thankful for how easy it is now.

The turkey, pie, all the trimmings, and the fact the person next to us bathed. And in our world filled with turmoil, maybe we can put down our phones, turn off social media, enjoy time with our loved ones and be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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