LoveGave group fundraising to purchase drumline for Phillip Simmons Middle School

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A collaboration of churches in the Charleston area known as LoveGave is partnering with local schools to show love to teachers.

LoveGave is fundraising to meet the needs of teachers in the Tri-county area including band director at Phillip Simmons Middle School Derek Classey.

"These kids love playing percussion, we have our concert setting percussion we have percussion in jazz band,"  Classey said.

However there's no drumline, yet.

Thanks to a nomination by the school's principal to LoveGave, the drumline will soon become a reality because LoveGave will be purchasing the instruments.

LoveGave organizer Clay Jernigan says the group has been serving for several years.

"LoveGave is really about churches in our community coming together with an opportunity for us to demonstrate the love of Christ," Jernigan said.

Classey says the community is centered around percussion.

"The kids play percussion in church a lot, some of them have been playing percussion maybe longer than they've been talking," Classey said.

Classey knows how important music can be for his students because it helped him heal after his father passed away while Classey was in middle school.

"It just so happened that I joined band in 6th grade right after he had passed, so music filled in...that void for me," Classey said. "My band directors, they were huge father figures to me even though they probably didn't know it."

Now he's there for his students.

"You can't help but form some kind of bond with these kids," Classey said.

A bond that can continue to grow with a drumline.

"The heart of LoveGave is what can we do better together than we can by ourselves," Jernigan said.

Classey says it might have been years before this opportunity happened if LoveGave had not stepped in.

Each year LoveGave has different areas of focus for giving. The churches look to identify an area where they can demonstrate the love for Christ.

"The roots of LoveGave been several years ago very simple around the idea of what would it look like to help repaint a school, make sure kids had a bike for Christmas, families might have food over Christmas break," Jernigan said. 

LoveGave is taking nominations for teachers through Sunday. It would cost about $75,000 to meet the needs of all the nominations.

If you'd like to donate or volunteer visit the website

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