Artists install window displays to help those in need

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Five artists installed window displays in the windows of Gwynn's of Mount Pleasant on Sunday to raise money for My Sister's House, a nonprofit that helps victims of domestic violence and abuse.

"We are installing 5 professional, local artist works exemplifying what peace on earth means to them," Visual Merchandizer of Gwynn's of Mount Pleasant said.

Gehle came up with the idea about six months ago. She wanted to work with local artists to do something good for her community.

"We're donating a percentage of the proceeds to My Sisters House to give back a little bit to the community which so desperately needs it during the holiday season," Gehle said.

The artists involved all said they're excited for the opportunity.

"Just to be a part of to be included in this talented group was very humbling for me," Participating Artist Carla Johannesmeyer said.

"When there's only five of us out of the hundreds and hundreds of artists in the local area, it's a real honor," Participating Artist Stephen Elliott Webb said.

Most artists also said this isn't just an opportunity they're humbled to be part of.

"That all of the pieces will sell and we're able to do a really good job towards My Sisters House charity," Webb said. "That's the goal here."

It's a goal Gehle says she's proud the shop has adopted.

"What a wonderful opportunity to use it for something good. Just give back to our community, a little bit of holiday philanthropy," Gehle said.

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